Aiken Picture Frames was started by Jim and  Arlene Aiken almost 30 years ago.  Originally located at the T & W Flea Market,  they worked hard to provide a good product at a good price.  Their success at the flea market inspired Jim to open 3 more stores around town and involve the kids in the business.  The flea market area got too rough for our customers and even though the warehouse store on W Street was the perfect size we couldn't stay there. When the economy started its downturn we all decided to focus on one store and make it the best it could be.   So here we are, Aiken Picture Frames South, on Brent Lane after more that 10 years.  

Bo and Jimmy have been with us since the flea market and James joined us shortly after that.  Alicia was hired when Jim became sick and could not continue to be involved in the day to day operations of the store.  Alicia's experience in customer service and management style has made our lives bearable  and she has become a very welcome part of our extended family.   

Jim and Arlene will always be a part of Aiken Picture Frames South.   We are always finding new things to showcase and now do sublimation.  We can put your image on a mug, mousepad, ceramic tile and many other gift items.

Our customers are also our friends and we enjoy bringing happiness to others by creating unique memories.  So if you are in the area - stop in and say "HI".